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Personal Development

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One-to-one consultation, Business approach & personal growth training program, Custom Personal plan & Workshop.

You have an individual worth

Your life experience is as specific as it can get, you chose a path, gain knowledge that no one else can claim to have it which makes you one of the kind; the only thing you need to do to grow is determine:


What is that you really want and you would do it for free?


The reason behind doing it? What is it that made you do it?


What would happen if you drop everything and follow whatever that drives you and motivate you?

1 on 1 - Siamak Fereidooni

Interactive | 60 mins | fixed at $250

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Personal Workshop - Siamak Fereidooni

Interactive | 90 mins | Starting at $300

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In my Class, you will learn to master your skills &recognize your abilities.

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