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As a Business Consultant, I possess expertise and wisdom in various business domains, such as strategy, management, finance, marketing, and innovation. I believe I could offer valuable advice and support to help your business overcome challenges, enhance performance, and reach its objectives. I serve diverse clients across different industries and sectors, from startups to corporations. Through my create content, such as books, articles, blogs, and podcasts, I try to inform and disseminate insights and best practices to a broader audience.

Business Development Based On Data Analysis

Data Analysis is the fundamental core of every business. Here, we focus on delivering the best possible result tailored for your business.

Personal Development

One-to-one consultation, how to approach to a personal Business & personal growth training program with custom personal planning.

Business Tragedy and Success Comedy

A book by Siamak Fereidooni

Release Date: 1 June 2024

Siamak Fereidooni Book: تراژدی کسب و کار و کمدی موفقیت


Believe it or not every business starts with a simple story

We can debate our stories on your PODCASTS.

Business Build-up in a Glance - siamak fereidooni
Business Structure
Siamak Fereidooni

‌Business Build-up in a Glance

Building a business requires several steps to form or transform it from scratch or a startup. Generally, these steps can vary from field to field.

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